Tuna Canning

Through ICV, Ocean Canning, based in the Philippines handles the operating and marketing of canning facilities, two of which are based in the Philippines and one in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Throughout the production cycle, quality control measures are put in place to ensure only the best quality canned tuna is produced according to the strictest specifications.

All the canneries are HACCP, BRC and IFS and EU certified.

Some of the canned tuna products on offer:

  • Canned skipjack flakes in brine/oil
  • Canned skipjack chunks in brine/oil
  • Canned yellowfin flakes in brine/oil
  • Canned yellowfin chunks in brine/oil
  • Canned sardines in tomato sauce
  • Canned sardines in tomato and chilli sauce

Tuna Processing

From the two processing plants in Papua New Guinea, ICV is able to supply a variety of processed tuna products including tuna loins and tuna steaks.

Our suppliers in Papua New Guinea actively partake in conservation and sustainable fishing methods and we are proud to be able to supply FAD (Fish Aggregating Device) free and free schooling purse seiner caught products.

No matter what your demand is for both processed and unprocessed tuna products, ICV will be glad to offer you our expertise and assistance ensuring that you get the right product all the time, every time.