ICV commenced trading in February of 2008 and, combined as a group, caught over 100 000 MT of tuna in its first year of fishing, mainly skipjack and yellowfin tunas. (See our products for more information). With the increasing in size of our shareholders combined purse seiner fleet, the annual volumes caught are now well in excess of 200 000 MT of skipjack and over 40 000 MT of yellowfin tuna.


ICV’s shareholders are some of the major industry role players with the likes of Frabelle Fishing Corporation, Ocean Canning Corporation, TSP, TPJ, Itochu and Trinity Canning respectively. Across the board, ICV has unprecedented access to canneries in Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam, with several processing plants offering raw and cooked loins as well as other value added products.

ICV trades predominantly in whole round tuna from our shareholders fleet in the Philippines as well as our long lasting suppliers in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. ICV is readily available to offer you raw and cooked loins cleaned according to your specifications from any of our dedicated suppliers.

ICV Africa (Pty) Ltd is based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa and is a division of ICV (Pte) Ltd with all of ICV’s export documents and marketing functions being performed here accordingly. ICV Africa is one of the largest exporters of Pole and Line Caught albacore tuna from South Africa and Namibia. ICV’s main markets are Spain, France, Italy, Ecuador, Colombia and the Americas. ICV Africa facilitates the importing of canned tuna and other canned products for both their local and African market.