ICV (Pte) Ltd , also known as Inter Continental Venture, is a Singapore based company with various shareholders within the tuna fishing, trading and processing industry. As a group we collectively own over  50 purse seiner fishing vessels and are therefore able to provide a constant supply of frozen tuna.

ICV (Pte) Ltd has expanded its operations to the Africa continent in the form of ICV Africa in Cape Town, South Africa. ICV Africa is one of the largest tuna trading and exporting companies in South Africa and Namibia respectively. From this Cape Town office we effectively handle all our global trades and export documentation.

ICV has well established long-term relationships with its suppliers and buyers alike and is able to ensure peace of mind with regards to traceability of constant supply, assurance of quality, competitive pricing and prompt shipping.

With our strong customer base and committed global suppliers, ICV is able to complete trades with efficient financing backed by our shareholders, making ICV your vision for a secure global tuna trading partner.

ICV keeps abreast of up to date information on changes in our market conditions, price fluctuations, operating/ export costs, international fishing laws and regulations with the intention to provide our suppliers with all the necessary assistance that they require to ensure fair trade across the oceans.